Operators Stop Work as Bees Swarm

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 2, 1905

Operators Stop Work as Bees Swarm

Western Union Telegraph Office Closed for Half an Hour

Drive Operators From Keys

A Very Amusing Incident Occurred at the Western Union Telegraph Office This Morning But One Whose Comic Part is Not Appreciated

The Western Union Telegraph operators, manager and messenger boys were all driven from their office in quick fashion this morning at about 10 o’clock. The operators and other employes (sic) were working at their desks when a swarm of bees flew through the open door and began to light on different objects all over the room.

With a shout of dismay the operators left their keys and hurried from the office. They all hurried  with heads down too, for the upper part of the room was filled with these insects. The operators and other employes rushed into the street and before any had stopped they were on the other side of the street.

A hurried consultation was held and a plan of attack was drawn up. The plan had to be decided upon quickly too for the operators had left their work, even while they were sending and receiving message. The could hear the dot and dashes being rattled off which signified their call and knew that operators elsewhere were all wondering what was the matter at Fort Dodge.

Fortunately as the employes took themselves out of the door the door itself was left wide open and some of the bees seeing that there was nothing to be found there were leaving the room. As the employes discovered that the enemy’s forces were being reduced they made a valiant rush for the office and taking newspapers rolled up and other misslies (sic) began the work of extermination. Soon the slaughter was great and over-whelming. But meanwhile the time had been flying and before it was thought safe to resume operations at the keys a half hour had gone, and messages from all points were piling up. Now the office rules are that a door shall be kept tightly closed until a screen door can be purchased.

The swarm of bees is attacking many business houses.

At the Keim and Bunn candy factory they have become a veritable nuisance. Sulphur (sic) is being burned constantly there to drive them away.


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