Carriage Horse Runs From Fright

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 9, 1905

Carriage Horse Runs From Fright

Bad Stroke of Luck for W.E. Parsons But it Might Be Worse.

Run Into By Another Horse

The Collision was The Cause of Mr. Parson’s Horse Running Away – Buggy Was Somewhat Damaged and Horse was Slightly Hurt.

W.E. Parsons had a narrow escape yesterday afternoon. He and Mrs. Parsons were out in the woods on north Fifteenth street, plucking flowers for the hotel. Mrs. Parsons was engaged in picking the flowers when two boys came downt he street as fast as there (sic) horse could draw them. Mr. Parsons was keeping the flies off his horse and was standing just past the turn of the lane that goes from Fifteenth street to Fourteenth street. Instead of turning out to escape Mr. Parson’s buggy the boys went directly for ti and hitting one (of) the rear wheels, upset the buggy. The horse which is a high spirited one, became frightened and started to run and, Mr. Parsons being on the ground was unable to stop the horse, so let go of the bit. Away went the horse, tipping the buggy over three times, then the buggy righted itself and the horse ran in the middle of the road home. The loss was slight, being to one of the lamps, the footrest, a whip, and the injury to the foreleg of the horse caused by the casting of a shoe, and a light wrench to one of the rear wheels. Luckily the buggy, which was a high Stanhope, was unoccupied at the time of the accident or Mr. and Mrs. Parsons would very likely have been seriously injured.

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