1940 Census – Day 3

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Delaware has disappeared off the list for indexing, and although Colorado was there in the morning, by early afternoon it was off the list, as well. I did one batch from Colorado in the morning and started a batch from Oregon, with plans to finish it in the evening.

Then I spent a great deal of time trying to pinpoint which enumeration district my paternal grandparents’ farm was in, and started scrolling through a 92-page section. I got as far as page 64 by evening, but that was with interruptions. The site (MyHeritage.com) was sluggish in the evening, but I think that’s to be expected, and some of the problem was the computer I was using.

I didn’t finish the Oregon batch yet, but plan to on Thursday. I’m going to try to only download batches if I think I can finish them right then. I don’t want to hold things up by not finishing in a timely fashion.

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