1940 Census – Day 2

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Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Oregon and Virginia census returns are available for indexing. When I started this morning, Colorado was marked as  highest priority, so I indexed one batch. When I submitted that batch and went to the download screen to see what was available, Delaware was marked as highest priority.

I did have some issues with the enumerator’s handwriting. It was mostly clear, but a little fancy – I had a little trouble distinguishing between a capital C and a capital E. But I think I got it right.

I did check FamilySearch.org and run a search for people where I was unsure if I got the spelling right, hoping to find them in the 1930 census, and I did. The other issue with the enumerator’s handwriting was that he or she scribbled over a couple of spots, and one birthplace I couldn’t figure out. But when I saw the person’s daughter was born in Nebraska (confirmed by the 1930 census), I could then tell that the mother was, as well.

It’s always a matter of chance whether you will get a record with clear handwriting or not, so I look the document over before I start to see if I think I can read it. If it’s something I don’t think I can read, I return it. I do this with copperplate writing – it’s very pretty and decorative, but I just can’t get it.

■ ■ ■

After a break of a couple of hours, I went back to indexing. Delaware didn’t show up, so I did another batch of Colorado names. This time it was all men living in a residential hotel. Most were in their 40s and 50s and single, although some other ages popped up, as well as marital statuses.

What I found here was that on some of the men who listed their marital status as married, the M was crossed out and a 7 was written by it. I asked on a Facebook thread started by Family Search Indexing and someone said just put in the M for married.

Had some trouble with names this time, and it looked like three different people had filled this form out.

Going to do a Florida batch next. Delaware disappeared, reappeared and disappeared again. I wonder if that state is nearly done.

■ ■ ■

I also went back and looked at recent arbitration on my indexing. There is a way to have them look at your work again if you disagree with the arbitrator.

■ ■ ■

Finished a batch from Florida. The page had four different sets of handwriting, the household numbers skipped around and it seemed that the page was used to finish areas that didn’t have enough names for a whole page. But it’s done. I’ll have to check the arbitration later.

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