Youth Sportsman Has an Accident

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 13, 1905

Youth Sportsman Has an Accident

A Short Tragedy With a Happy Ending is Enacted on The Stage of Boydom

Confidence David and Jonathan

Jimmy Pouler and a Friend Start Duck Hunting With a Target Rifle And Experiencing an Absence of Ducks, Jimmy Holds a Bottle.

Two Fort Dodge sportsmen of tender years betook themselves in search of game Saturday afternoon, and managed to round up a big scare and a slight accident.

The hero of the occasion is called “Jimmy,” and is a son of Jacob Pooler of this city. In company with another boy they departed with a target rifle between them, and with their heads crammed with visions of ducks.

After several hours weary tramp, their visions faded and realities grew space and yearning for excitement like true Americans, one of the boys began discussing his ability as a marksman and finally offered to prove his assertions in any way named. Evidently “Jimmy” had fully as much faith in his friend’s ability as he himself claimed, because he stood up with a bottle clasped tightly in his out-stretched hand and awaited the shot which was to decide the question.

It came. It also hit the bottle well in the middle and scattered it in a thousand pieces one of which hit and imbedded itself in the forehead of the hero, who was felled to the ground in an instant, and over whom the trembling marksman bent, thinking he was a murder (sic).

Perhaps it was his tears which brought the lifeless form back to this world for Jimmy opened his eyes to look into the most relieved and thankful face he had ever seen, and he was tenderly supported to his home where a doctor soon appeared and remedied all ills.

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