Physicians Equip Common Laboratory

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 6, 1905

Physicians Equip Common Laboratory

The Doctors in the Oleson Block Will Have a Laboratory for Themselves.

The Project is  New One

Four Physicians Are Working Together in Equipping This Labratory (sic), Which Will Be in The Back Room On The Second Floor.

The physicians in the Oleson block have adopted a novel plan, by which they will all be able to progress in their work in medical science. There are four physicians in this block besides Dr. Carver, who is a specialist, and the four men will jointly equip one of the rooms in this block for a labratory, which they can all use. Thus all will have the advantage of a well equipped labratory, and at a less expense, than if each had to equip his own.

The men have been talking of this plan for some time, but have been unable to get a room until this week. J.N. Millker, who has had his office, and that of the Fort Dodge Clay Works located here, today moved his fixtures to the office of J.M. Kincaid in the Messenger building. This leaves his large office room vacant.

Dr. Charles N. Mulroney will take this office and add it to his office suite, while he will give up the room he formerly used as his private office, for the use of a labratory for all the physicians. The new office is much larger than his former private office, and it will enable him to better handle his work, wh ile the former office will be sufficiently large for the labratory.

The labratory will be fitted up in the near future, but as Dr. Churchill, one of the prime movers in the new venture is out of the city this week, it will probably not be fitted up until next week. The project is a new one but will aid all the physicians in their work, as they will gain the help of the other men.

(Editor’s note: The word laboratory is misspelled labratory consistently throughout, but I only noted it once.)

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