Mange is Scourge Among Horses Near

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 23, 1904

Mange is Scourge Among Horses Near

Ottosen in Humboldt County Has Many Infected Equines

Has Been Prevalent For Year

One Man Has Lost Ten Horses – Dr. Baughman Says Bad Type

The northern part of Humboldt county, in the vicinity of Ottosen, is threatened with a scourge of mange, among the horses belonging to one man, have already died from the parasite, and many other horses in that vicinity have been exposed to the disease.

Assistant State Veterinarian Boughman of this city, received a call to go to Ottosen Tuesday to investigate the conditions of the affair. He returned today and reports the attack to be the worst he has ever seen. Mange is not an  uncommon disease in this county, but it has always been of a light form and easily treated, or comparatively so.

In Ottosen, however, the disease has been running for a year, and has gained such headway, particularly among the horses of Dave Anderson, the liveryman at that place, who has already met with the loss of ten horses that the cure of the animals infected will be very difficult. The treatment of the disease is by dipping for cattle and sheep, but with horses this cannot be done and they must be washed thoroughly with a solution that will kill the parasites. If one little spot escapes the application the treatment must be all gone over again.

It is thought that many other horses in the vicinity of Ottosen are infected with the disease and Dr. Baughman will make a further inquiry into the condition of the horses in that section and will endeavor to stamp out the infection.

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