Burglars Enter Hardware Store

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 11, 1904

Burglars Enter Hardware Store

Entrance Forced to Sanders Hardware on Upper Central Avenue

Little of Value is Taken

Burglar Apparently Familiar With Store and Was Evidently a Boy

The burglar again gave evidence of his presence in the community when Thursday night he made a successful entry into the Sanders’ hardware store on Upper Central avenue, although so far as is known, he succeeded in getting away with little of value. The burglary was the third attempt of a similar nature made within the pst few weeks. Besides the hardware store, the saloon of George Benn at Sixth street and First avenue south has been molested twice, once successfully.

The discovery of the Sander’s (sic) robbery was made this morning when the store was opened for the day. Little disturbance was left to indicate the presence of an intruder, but his means of entrance was clearly apparent. He entered the building by cutting out one of the small windows in the back and then raising the sash. Between the front and rear of the store is a door which is kept locked at night. To pass thru the burglar cut a heart shaped hole int he panel thru which he evidently inserted his hand and opened the lock on the other side. From the size of the hole it is believed that the burglar was either a boy or a man with an unusually small hand.

So far as know this morning, nothing had been taken, the only evidence that the place had been disturbed, being the roller top desk, which is usually left open, but which this morning was found to be closed. A knife and a cigar holder, which the burglar had left behind him, were found and are the only clues to his identity.

The police as yet have been unable to apprehend the persons who robbed the cash drawer at the Benn saloon two weeks ago. A second attempt was made to enter the saloon a few nights ago. Two men were discovered by a policeman while they were working in the rear of the building. They took to their heels and were pursued by the officer, who shot twice and hit one of the men. Both, however, succeeded in making their escape.

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