When The City Has Its Own Newspaper

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 11, 1904

When The City Has Its Own Newspaper

Webster City Municipal Council Going to Edit a Newspaper.

Run Graphic Herald a Week

Beginning This Week the Council will Publish the Paper – Councilman as Editor-in-chief, With Numerous Assistants.

Webster City, July 11 – There is going to be another daily paper in Webster City, which will make the third daily paper published here. This announcement may come as a surprise to those who think th at with the two dailies already here, the field is well equipped. Nevertheless there is to be a third daily. It is to be issued from the office of the Graphic Herald – the only democratic paper in Hamilton county. It is to be called the “Daily Graphic-Herald.” Its life is to be short, just one little week, and it is to be edited by the city council.

This is something strictly new in the municipal ownership line. Not content with a city electric light plant, a city water works plant and a city heating plant, the council is endeavoring to get a city gas plant and, in furtherenace of this latest project, will run a daily newspaper plant.

Preparations for the issuing of these few copies of the “Daily Graphic-Herald” have been going on for some little time. The expense of publishing the daily will be bourne, it is said, by the city council, or rather, the taxpayers.

It is understood that Alderman J.D. Riste, of the First ward, the “father of the council,” is to be the editor-in-chief, with several members as first, second, third and fourth assistant editors. This week has been selected for the issuing of the daily, because it is the last week before the special election on the gas franchise proposition.

During the next week the Graphic-Herald will be distributed broadcast throughout the city. It will be left at every door. Brother Robie, the editor of the Graphic-Herald, will be related to the background. It is simply a matter of so much coin of the realm for him and he doesn’t care. The contents of the new and short lived daily will relate to nothing but gas. The people are awaiting with much curiosity to see the new sheet. Some of the taxpayers are also shying a little when they think of the cost of printing the paper even for one week.

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