Vincent Saloons May be Enjoined

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 1, 1903

Vincent Saloons May be Enjoined

Application for Injunction Will Be Argued Before Judge Evans on July 3

Petitions Are Placed On File

Action is Brought Against Two Saloons of Vincent on Claim That They Have Been Operated Contrary to Provisions of Mulct Law.

Applications for injunctions to close the two saloons which are now in operation in Vincent will be argued before Judge Evans in Hampton on Friday, July 3. Notice to this effect was served on the proprietors of these saloons on friday and petitions reciting the causes upon which the plaintiffs base their action have been filed in the office of the county clerk.

The injunctions, if granted by Judge Evans, will have the effect of making Vincent a dry town, as these two saloons are the only ones operating there.

The plaintiffs allege thru their petitions that the two saloons have violated the provisions of the mulct law, which governs the sale of liquor in the state of Iowa, in several particulars, and ask that the court shall enjoin them from operating their saloons in Vincent on the ground of abating a nuisance.

The two saloons against which this action is directed, are owned by Olson and Thompson, and by Colby Brothers & Company. E.S. Benjamin appears as paintiff (sic) on one petition, and Mr. Benjamin and J. Wadson on the other.

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