This Cat Rivals the Dog

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 15, 1904

This Cat Rivals the Dog

Fred Devling Possesses a Cat That Will Hunt Small Game For Its Master.

Fred Devling recently received a foreign cat which is used in hunting squirrels and weasels. The cat is a large one and in color is much like the maltese. There are also six kittens of the same kind which although very young are beginning to show the traits of their kind, as they are also very good hunters.

The full grown cat is a very large one, being about twice the size of the ordinary cat and very much stronger. the cat has the instincts of the ordinary feline only developed much more. These cats when let loose in a field or woods immediately begin to search for game. From their size one would realize that they were much stronger than the ordinary cat and therefore much more able to attack larger animals and birds than the ordinary house cat would, but one even then fails too (sic) understand their real ability as hunters.

Mr. Develing (sic) intends to keep the full grown cat for use in hunting, but he intends to dispose of the younger cats.

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