May Mean a New Factory

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 7, 1903

May Mean a New Factory

I.C. Lovejoy of Callender Invents Tornado Barometer.

So Constructed that Bell Will Ring When Tornado Approaches – Hopes to Manufacture it Here.

Fort Dodge may have a new factory if the plans of Prof. I.C. Lovejoy of Callender, for the manufacture of a tornado barometer, are fulfilled. The Callender Times has the following:

Prof. I.C. Lovejoy, who for the past two years has had charge of the Callender schools, has constructed what he is pleased to call a tornado barometer, and which promises to some day be considered a household necessity. Of course, so far as the barometer itself goes it is probably no better than any other, but Mr. Lovejoy has succeeded in so constructing an electrical attachment that should a tornado come within a radius of 200 miles of the barometer, a bell will ring and keep ringing until the danger is past, or until the tornado has passed beyond this territory.

Besides determining when  a tornado is within 200 miles, he can change the mercury in the tube so that it will not give warning until the tornado is within ten or fifteen miles, or any desired distance between ten and 200 miles. The barometer also gives the change of weather, etc.

With one of these in your home no one need be afraid to retire at night when a storm is approaching, or sit watching the storm for feat some dangerous cloud may prove a tornado. The little barometer will warn you in time for you to find the cellar or cave.

Prof. Lovejoy informs us that probably in another year he will open a factory for the manufacture of these instruments, and says probably he will locate the factory at Fort Dodge. He has several other scientific instruments he is working on besides the barometer which promise to become quite popular.

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