Little Boy Badly Burned on Fourth

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 5, 1904

Little Boy Badly Burned on Fourth

Clothing Caught on Fire From Matches in Pocket Lights Fire Crackers

Prompt Action Taken to Save

Prompt Action by Two Brothers Alone Saved The Little Chap From Losing His Life – Rolled Him on The Ground and Put Out the Fire.

Little Herman Duerner, aged nine years, while on his way from his home on Prospect Hill to attend the German Evangelical picnic north of the city. was badly burned yesterday and but for the prompt action of his two brothers would undoubtedly been fatally injured.

The three brothers were making their way along to the picnic grounds with a good supply of firecrackers and matches. They had reached a point at Fifth avenue north and Twelfth street when the matches in the hip pocket of the boy, Herman, were in some manner  ignited, setting off a bunch of firecrackers at the same time. The little fellow’s trousers caught the flame at once and from there the blaze spread to his waist. The brothers of the terrified lad threw him promptly on the ground and by rolling him over and over on the grass and slapping at the blaze with their hands, soon had put the fire out.

Before this could be done, however, the boy had been very seriously burned on the hip and when the clothes were removed from the injury it was found a place several inches across, had been literally cooked. The boy was taken to his  home where he later received medical attendance. The injury is a very serious one, but it is thought beyond a large scar which must of necessity result, there will be no permanent bad effects.

The brothers of the injured boy, to whom without doubt, the saving of his life is due, are aged about six and twelve, respectively. In their prompt action in effecting his rescue, they showed coolness and judgment that would have done credit to far older heads.They are William and Karl Duerner.

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