Jolly Peanutters Enjoy 4th

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 6, 1904

Jolly Peanutters Enjoy 4th

Celebrated National Holiday at Their Camp

Horse Racing Was One of the Features That Attracted Interest Thrilling Events.

The members of the Jolly Peanut club spent the Fourth at their camping grounds celebrating in their own peculiar and original way. A few friends were invited out, mostly relatives of the club members, and all turned in for a good time. Dinner was served in the most approved manner of campers. However, the sports were the features of the day. The main event was a two mile horse race. Five horses were entered. Each animal, bestrode by a pair of young women, was away at the crack of a pistol, the fair riders hanging for dear life to every available projection. At the end of the first quarter the horses were all in a bunch – eating grass by the side of the road, and the young ladies who had started in the race, were scattered promiscously (sic) along the way from start to finish, dropping off here and there as the horses stopped to nip at the flies or snatch a bite of grass from the roadside. The race, from a spectacular point of view, was grand in the extreme and by far discounted any bounding rope act or ariel (sic) performance ever seen in the city.

One of the young ladies was awarded the race on the grounds of her graceful appearance on the horse and from the fact that she got a good hold of her steed’s mane and succeeded in clinging to the animal for almost half a mile.

After the race the young ladies and their friends spent the afternoon in the usual manner of Fourth of July celebrations. Many crackers, great and small were exploded and in the evening real fire works were brought out and a fine display given.

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