In Effect To-Morrow

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 3, 1906

In Effect To-Morrow

Important Laws go into Effect July 4th – Pure Food and Anti-Pass Most Important

Laws in effect tomorrow:

Pure food.
Child labor.
Taking party circle off the ballot.
Against Hallowe’en destruction of property.
Requiring uniformity of municipal accounts in Iowa cities.
State examination and certification of teachers.

By constitutional provision a number of laws passed by the last legislature will go into effect on the fourth of July, which comes next Wednesday.

This year the great bulk of the Iowa laws will go into force without the public having had a chance to read them in any official publication. This is due to the fact that the state document known as the “Session Laws,” has not been completed.

(Editor’s note: I could guess at most of these laws, but the anti-pass law puzzled me. I did a search and found this article on Google Books. The section on Iowa was found under Railroads and states:

Iowa enacted an  anti-pass law, in the form of a prohibition upon the giving of passes to persons holding public office, candidates therefor, delegates to conventions and jurors. The law excepts, however, notaries, offices paying no fees or salary, professors and officers of educational institutions, members of the National Guard, and of the fire departments of cities, and of the State Board of Agriculture.)


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