Humboldt Pastor Dies of Lockjaw

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 24, 1903

Humboldt Pastor Dies of Lockjaw

As Result of Stepping Upon Nail, Rev. Carlson Succumbs to Dread Malady.

Dies in Intense Agony

Stepped Upon Nail a Week Ago Today but Failed to Call Physician Until Thursday, When His Condition Was Past All Assistance.

Humboldt, July 23 – Rev. Mr. Carlson, pastor of the Danish Baptist church, died this morning as a result of stepping upon a nail at his home a week ago today. The wound in the foot developed into lockjaw, death following intense agony.

Rev. Carlson accidentally stepped on the nail while walking near his home. The nail penetrated his shoe and entered his foot, but he failed to call a physician until Thursday. Dr. Churchill of Fort Dodge was called into consultation with the local physicians, but lockjaw, which had set in, had rendered the condition of the patient beyond medical aid.

Deceased had been a resident of Humboldt for fifteen years.

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