Fewer Books Drawn in Summer

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 1, 1903

Fewer Books Drawn in Summer

Hot Summer Months Affect Library Circulation.

Number of Books Which Are Drawn From Library Noticeably Smaller of Late.

The advent of the heated weather season has marked the falling off in the patronage of the city library. There is not so much inducement to read as in the winter months, when easy chairs and warm firesides make a book the most congenial of companions.

Just at present, the tendency is more toward picnic suppers and pleasant evenings out of doors, and reading languishes until the cooler months come round again. It is also thought that the regular summer decline in reading is heightened by the general attitude of expectancy which prevails regarding the new Carnegie library, many waiting until the library is safely ensconced in its new home before beginning to draw books.

The books which are drawn are for the most part works of light fiction, as the weary brain refuses to grapple with anything more weighty after a long hot day spent in business pursuits.

The library force, in the meantime, keeps busy with the preparations for moving, and will be ready for departure from the old quarters as soon as the new ones are in readiness.


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