Duncombe House Was Bombarded by Rockets

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: July 5, 1913

Duncombe House Was Bombarded by Rockets

Fire Truck Makes Two Runs – No Damage

The Duncombe hotel received a regular old-fashioned bombardment last evening about 10:30 oclock (sic) when a party of hilarious celebrators began shooting sky rockets from the Third street viaduct. A veritable shower of rockets began to fall about the hotel and W.E. Duncombe complained to the police; but before the celebration could be stopped a rocket lit on the roof of the hotel and burned a large hole in the south roof of the building.

An alarm was turned into the Central fire station but the fire was extinguished before the truck arrived.

Earlier in the evening some celebrator touched off a rocket and sent it hurling thru two panes of window glass into a room in the hotel. The fire gained a good start but was extinguished by a bucket brigade. The damage was slight.

“Such a manner of celebrating should be stopped,” said Mr. Duncombe this morning. “The shooting of rockets onto dry shingle roofs should be made a punishable offense. It endangers life and property and is absolutely inexcusable.”

False Alarm

Some joy-riders, thinking to cause a little excitement, turned in an alarm from Third avenue south and 6th street about 10:30 Thursday night. The fire truck made the run in fast time, which probably satisfied the celebrators, as no more trouble was encountered during the night.

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