Baby Dead as Result of Runaway

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(Editor’s note: This is another article that goes into somewhat gory detail of the exact extent of the injuries suffered.)

The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 9, 1903

Baby Dead as Result of Runaway

Little Child of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hanson of Duncombe Was Buried Today.

Terrible Injury to the Skull

Operation Disclosed Fact That Skull Was Broken Open Half Way Around So That Finger Could Be Inserted Into Aperture.

Grief stricken parents and sorrowing friends this morning followed the body of the little baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hanson of Duncombe to its last resting place. The baby died on Tuesday night as a result of injuries received in a runaway accident a week ago last Saturday.

The child received terrible injuries to the head, which were not discovered u ntil Tuesday, when Dr. Evans was called and performed the operation which was the last chance of saving the little life.

The doctor found that the skull had been forced apart from a point beginning at the right ear, and extending to the back of the head. A finger could be laid in the gaping aperture.

The injury ahd gone so long, that the brain had become infected, and the doctor did all that could be done, removing the blood clots and infected brain tissue and putting in drainage. Medical skill was in vain, however, and death came at 9 o’clock the same night.

While driving to Fort Dodge on Saturday, June 29, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson and their little child were thrown violently from their buggy by the unexpected shying of their horse. Mr.s Hanson was somewhat bruised in the fall, but is recovering nicely, altho almost broken-hearted over the accident which has caused the death of the little one.

Mr. Hanson’s mother lives in Fort Dodge.

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