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Having this website live for more than two months now, I have thought about how I’ve been tagging articles. I started out only using categories, but later decided to add names. However, I added full names, or as much as was in the articles. I’m now going through and changing full names to just surnames. In some cases, the surname is already in use, so I am deleting that tag.

The next step is to go through all the posts and make sure I’m not missing any surnames. This may take some time, as there are 170 posts prior to this one. I should have it done today, however.

The reason for only listing surnames is that I’m finding a person may be listed more than once. Mayor Bennett was listed as Mayor Bennett, S.J. Bennett, and Sidney J. Bennett. He will only be listed at Bennett now, as will anyone else with that last name.

This will help cut down on the number of tags. There will still be a lot, but that can’t be helped. And the website is still searchable, so if you are looking for a particular name, just type it in the search box in the upper right.

Also, if there is something in particular anyone would like me to look up between 1856 and 1922, let me know in the comments. All comments are moderated, so I get a notification whenever someone comments. All but one so far have been spam and have been deleted, but a research request will be taken seriously.

Thanks for your patience during “reconstruction.”

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