The Dog Marshal’s Life is Strenuous

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 13, 1905

The Dog Marshal’s Life is Strenuous

Is Assaulted and Battered by Dog Owner and Loses Snare, Star and Dignity

W.F. Newberry Up in Court

Alleges That Newberry Attacked Him While He was Engaged in His Official Duties, Struck Him Twice, Took His Star and Snare Away

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. So thinks the dog catcher, who this morning filed information against W.F. Newberry, charging him with assault and interference with an official in the discharge of his duties. The case came up in police court this morning, but on the petition of the attorney for the defense, it was continued till Monday morning at 9 o’clock.

According to the allegations of the plaintiff who came into the police station this morning bruised, badgeless and minus his snare, the case is this:

On Friday he succeeded in capturing seven or eight dogs, which he had placed in the dog pound to await their redemption. Two dogs belonging to W.F. Newberry were among the number. This morning when the dog marshal went to look after his charges he found a board kicked off the pound and all of the animals gone. He at once went down to the vicinity of the Newberry stables and got after after the two escaped animals belonging there. He had succeeded in capturing one of them and was in the act of taking him to the pound when according to his allegations, Newberry ran up behind him and swung around, hitting him twice in the face. Newberry then tore off the official star and threw it away, and taking the marshal’s snare away from him, kicked him in the fear, with the admonition to make himself scarce about that place, said admonition being coached in no very choice language. The official dignity of the officer was badly shattered and his feelings hurt as well as his physical man somewhat bruised in the encounter.

After the continuance of the case, the dog marshal was redecorated and is out again and after them. The business of dog catcher is strenuous in Fort Dodge, but the present incumbent of the position is a stayer and means to hang out until every live dog in the city wears a breast pin of the proper brand. He however has much sympathy with Emperor Nicholas.

(Editor’s note: The disposition of the trial is here: Newberry is Fined $25 and Costs.)

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