The Applicants Get a Job

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 3, 1905

The Applicants Get a Job

Vags in Police Court Get Five Days on the Street.

Were Looking For Work But Were Disappointed in Finding It.

There were two applicants to report at the recruiting station for the street gang this morning, and both of them were successful in securing a job. In fact, his honor insisted in employing them when they would have demurred. They were looking for work all right when they struck the town but didn’t want to find it, and when the mayor thrust it at them there were much cast down.

The two fellows in question hailed from Minneapolis. They had shipped from there to Denver to work at railway construction but their hearts failed them at the sight of a shovel and they started back, landing here Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon they came into the east end of the city and began to look about for a way to supply the inner man. They approached a lady and asked for something to eat, offering to spade up her garden as pay for the favor. They got their supper and started to work, but he task proved too arduous, and they kidnapped each other.

As soon as they were missed from the garden spot, the lady telephoned to the police and the patrol soon located them.

This morning in police court they attempted to show that the charge of vagrancy was not good in their case but his honor failed to see it that way and gave them each fine and costs to the amount of $14.85 which means five days on the streets. They were at once put to work with the other two. There is now a force of four street cleaners at work under the eye of the special police officer.


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