Observed in a Saloon

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 16, 1906

Observed in a Saloon

A Few Things Seen and Heard in a Hour in a Saloon.

A Messenger reporter stood for half an hour by the clock in a Fort Dodge saloon the other afternoon. The following are a few things observed:

A man came up with a big jar, got it filled for 15 cents and stepped out.

A ragged looking fellow, evidently a hobo, threw down a half dollar, said “Keep it all and set out booze as long as it lasts.”

A Salvation Army girl walked in and in less than two minutes sold a half dozen copies of the War Cry.

Twenty-two sales, by actual count, were run up by the bar tender.

Two boys sold a half dozen empty bottles for 10 cents.

A few farmers were seen, a few business men and men about town, others were regular saloon hangers-on.

During all this time a sordid looking individual stood with hands in pockets looking out the front window with a  vacant stare, evidently a loafer “broke.”

(Editor’s note: This is certainly an interesting method of news-gathering, but one which, I’m afraid, wouldn’t be allowed today.)


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