Fortunate End to a Runaway

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 4, 1904

Fortunate End to a Runaway

Team Belonging to Doctor Wilson of Vincent Takes a Lively Spin

Had Broken a Neck Strap

Pole Dropped on Ground – Dr. Wilson, Wife and Baby in Buggy.

About eleven o’clock this morning a light top buggy and pair of horses took a lively spin up South First Avenue as far as Twelfth street where they turned, going north for some distance. The occupants of the buggy were Dr. Wilson, wife and baby who drove in from Vincent this morning and who reside in that town.

While watering the horses at the Eighth street watering trough they became frightened and in lurching about broke a neck strap. This let the pole down and the h0rses became unmanageable and started to run. Turning at First avenue they ran east as far as Twelfth street and then north. When near the Chicago & Great Western depot the horses became separated from the buggy and noting their freedom started with more vigor pulling Dr. Wilson out over the dashboard when he released his hold on the lines and was thrown to the pavement. The horses did not run far, however, before they were stopped.

Little injury was sustained outside of a few bruises, and no damage done to the buggy. One of the horses fell during the runaway and has a deep gash on the breast, which is in no way serious. Mrs. Wilson and the baby escaped with nothing more than a fright and a fast ride.


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