Biff! Bang! For a Masher

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 26, 1905

Biff! Bang! For a Masher

In This Case Masher was Mashed.

Young Woman Insulted by Sidewalk Loafer Found a Stalwart Champion at Hand.

A black eye and a badly swollen mouth was the price paid last evening by a Fort dodge young fellow for making insulting remarks about a young lady who had just passed him as he stood with a companion on a street corner.

The young lady was unaccompanied and unprotected as this fellow thought and as she passed he followed her with his eyes and made a remark concerning the beauty of her form, when Biff! a brawny fist collided with his eye and a second poke in the mouth laid him flat on his back on the pavement.

In the mean time the companion of the fellow who had been attacked made his getaway. The man with the forceful fists stepped out and helped the fallen one up.

“Look here,” he said. I am not a preacher, and that girl is neither my wife, my sweetheart or my sister. She is a woman however and alone on the street, and any man who will not take the part of a woman under those circumstances is no man at all, and must have forgotten that his mother is a member of the sex. A fellow who makes it a business to stand on the corners with others whose minds are as depraved as his own, and make remarks such as you did after that young woman passed is a very poor sort of a cur, and I wonder that the dog marshal has not roped you in before this.

“But remember this young fellow, there are a few men in this world who have respect enough for their mothers and sisters to respect the mothers and sisters of other men, and you are likely to run up against one of these almost any time just as you did tonight.

“You are a coward, a cur, a moral leper, a disgrace to humanity, and you and your like are responsible for three fourths of the depravity of modern civilization. Remember these few remarks of mine, and with this I will bid you a pleasant good night.”


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