An Elderly Lady Dies Suddenly

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 12, 1905

An Elderly Lady Dies Suddenly

Coroner McCreight Called to Gowrie This Morning to Look The Affair Up.

Death Was Due to Old Age

Neighbors Not Seeing Her About the Place Became Anxious and Broke The Door Open, and Found Her Dead In Her Bed.

Coroner McCreight of this city was called to Gowrie this morning to look up the death of Mrs. Johanna C. Danielson. He left here this noon but on arrival at Gowrie discovered that death seemed to be due to natural causes and so did not hold an inquest.

Mrs. Danielson is an elderly lady and has been living alone for some time. Her health has been poor for some time and death was not unexpected, although her health had not been poorer in the last few days than previously.

Thursday she was seen out riding by her friends. This morning however she was not seen by any of them and no signs of life were seen about the place and at last they decided to break the door down.

On entering they found her in her bed dead. There were no signs of a violent death and nothing was disarranged about the room. This lead to the belief that she had died from natural causes and that her death had been a peaceful one.

She could not have suffered much and had evidently passed away while sleeping. She leaves several children, one of whom is a resident of Gowrie, while others reside in Minnesota. She has also relatives in Fort Dodge.

Further particulars could not be learned, and nothing about the funeral arrangements is known here.

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